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Meet our 12 explorers, from diverse backgrounds and cultures, from Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper who became a pioneer of innovative computer programming while serving in the U.S. Navy during World War II, to Captain Christopher Newport — our namesake — who charted the course that led to the first permanent English settlement in North America. Some gained a permanent place in history with their achievements, while others have remained relatively unknown until now. They left letters and records behind, allowing us to tell their story with fresh eyes, some for the first time.

Journey with them and go back in time, as they take you to new places around the world, and uncover the depths of maritime history and innovation.

Age of Innovation

Maritime Drone: #12

Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper: #11

Admiral Elmo Zumwalt: #10

William Francis Gibbs: #9

Age of Steel

Coleman Kent- Letters Home: #8

Chester Lozier-Letters Home: #7

Siah Carter: #6

Dr. Aaron S. Oberly-Letters Home: #5

Age of Sail

Pius Mau Piailug: #4

Rezin Gist-Letters Home: #3

Captain James Cook: #2

Captain Christopher Newport: #1