Steel 2

The Age of Steel marks the beginning of new technologies that allowed ships have increased safety and versatility. Join us on our journey as we go back to first half of the 20th century, where Chester Lozier and Coleman Kent, both from the Letters Home Collection, share their experiences in World War I and II, respectively. Both encountered different cultures and territories, and, by using radiotelegraphy–a revolutionary innovation–related to their loved ones a desire to see a swift peace and to come home.

Next we explore the Civil War with Siah Carter, an African American who found freedom on the state-of-the-art ironclad warship, the USS Monitor, and Dr. Aaron Oberly, a naval surgeon who encountered countless challenges aboard many Union ships. Each of their stories examine their own perspectives in an ever-changing landscape at sea.

Coleman Kent- Letters Home: Explorer #8

Chester Lozier-Letters Home: Explorer #7

Siah Carter: Explorer #6

Dr. Aaron S. Oberly-Letters Home: Explorer #5